Muthu Krishnan

Muthu Krishnan

Chief Technology Officer

Muthu Krishnan joined Conifer Health Solutions as Chief Technology Officer in April 2021. He leads the enterprise to align its solution architecture, technology platform and internal information technology services with the company’s strategic vision. He drives enterprise-wide technology innovation, overseeing information technology, security, data management, insight and analytics, enterprise architecture and application development teams. In addition to information technology operations, Muthu also provides critical guidance in forming technology-enabled solutions that exceed customer expectations and drive superior value.

Muthu has deep technical expertise and broad business and operational experience, allowing him to bridge the divide between technology, business and operations. He previously served as IKS Health’s Chief Digital Transformation Officer, where he led technology development, innovation and the digital transformation of the company’s operational and customer-facing solutions. Prior to IKS Health, Muthu held leadership roles at IntegraConnect, athenahealth Inc. and CollabNet. He also started Tata Health in India, a company with a vision to empower providers and patients to leverage digital technologies to improve financial and health outcomes.


  • Doctorate in mechanical engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington
  • Master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Portland State University
  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering from PSG College of Technology in India
  • Advisor to Ekam USA and former trustee for Ekam Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on reducing infant and maternal mortality rates