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Vice President, Central Operations

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With more than 25 years of experience, Ann Hunter currently serves as Vice President, Central Operations, where she is responsible for aligning the company’s centralized scheduling, pre-registration and financial clearance centers. In addition, she leads operations for the Patient Communications & Engagement business unit.

Prior to Conifer Health, she served as Vice President of Operations for Health Plan Services, where she was responsible for operational areas including claims, underwriting and billing. Additionally, she served as Director of Claims for Dun and Bradstreet Plan Services where she helped in the organization’s transition to electronic claims submission.

Are You Focused on the Right Metrics to Drive the Patient Registration Experience?

Despite all the data available today, most provider organizations are not routinely tracking some key metrics critical to supporting value-driven Patient Access. These important indicators can help revenue cycle leaders better assess their Patient Access operations, enhance the patient experience and improve financial results.

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