Charge Integrity Services

Periodic and consistent charge description master (CDM) audits can be critical to improving the quality and integrity of your billing functions. Through our Conifer Charge Integrity service, we may review your claims before or after payment depending on your needs. Our process is flexible and can be customized whether your facility has an electronic medical records system, a hybrid record, or a paper record.

Conifer Health’s subject matter experts analyze your CDM and your specific charge capture methodologies through reviews of clinical documentation (such as physician orders) and billed charges, as well as interviews with department staff. We integrate our onsite reviews with our data analysis. Our comprehensive reports and recommendations can help you identify opportunities to improve the accuracy of your charges and educate your staff.

Key Benefits

  • Identify gaps in Charge Description Master (CDM)
  • Reduce bill holds, claim rejections and denials
  • Improve the charge capture and CDM management processes
  • Resolve charging questions and issues with access to subject matter experts

Customized Solutions

From consulting, to staffing, to full outsourcing, we provide the right level of support and resources to meet your business needs.

Charge Description Master (CDM) analysis

Identify opportunities for process improvement in order to maintain a current, comprehensive and compliant CDM.

Clean Claims Submission

Enable accurate and timely CDM updates for appropriate charge capture and clean billing to limit billing delays and reduce claim denials.

Ongoing Education of Charging Protocols

Access ongoing, department-based education to facilitate point-of-service charge capture and billing accuracy.

Tracking of charges to support planning

Aid department managers and administration in the development of operating budgets and strategically plan for new or additional services.

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