Clinical Integration & Physician Alignment

ConiferCore® Clinical Integration Intelligence

Healthcare organizations need state-of-the art technology that puts appropriate clinical information into the hands of clinicians at the point of care. Accurate, real-time data empowers every member of the team to measure and improve individual, group and network performance. The ConiferCore® Clinical Integration Intelligence Platform is a web-based dashboard displaying physician performance metrics to monitor performance against your quality goals. A robust Clinical Measures Library of more than 600 metrics makes it easy to measure clinical performance using national standards, or by adding your own customized measures. National standards include Joint Commission, CMS quality and outcome measures, PQRS, NCQA, HEDIS®, NQF algorithms and more. Supported by industry-leading data aggregation and warehousing technology, the platform delivers the enterprise intelligence your clinical team needs to track and improve results at the physician, practice group and network levels.

ConiferCore® Clinical Integration Intelligence includes:

  • Interactive web-based dashboard displaying quality performance for a set of standard or customized measures:
  • Library of over 600 measures
  • Multiple levels of access depending on the user with drilldown capability, from the network to the group and the physician level
  • Benchmarking of performance at each level of view
  • Quality measures linked to individual patients to help identify potential gaps in care and take action to improve measures
  • Tabbed views and standard or customizable measure reporting
  • Reporting functionality based on a number of filters, including physician, quality measure and time frame
  • Dashboard colors and logos customized to your network
  • Consulting on metric selection, if not already selected by your network

Key Benefits

  • Monitor provider performance across a core set of quality measures
  • Identify systematic or individual opportunities to improve performance
  • Present each network provider with a quality performance scorecard
  • Quality measure snap-shots critical to individual pay-for-performance contracts
  • Support compliance with regulatory requirements for clinically integrated networks

Accesses Data from Multiple Healthcare Data Sources

Analyzes and organizes administrative, pharmacy, lab, and clinical data to provide a single view of a physician’s performance.

Quality Measures Dashboard

Provides physicians and administrators with an instant display of performance on quality measures by specialty all the way down to the individual physician level-presenting insights and care opportunities in a simple, meaningful way.

Engages Providers to Improve Performance

Quality performance at the group and individual physician level is compared to targets and benchmarks for similar specialties. Visual displays provide individual physician or aggregate group performance metrics.

Tabbed View to Present Multiple Quality Program Dshboards

Option for multiple tabs to monitor performance under various programs in which your organization may participate, such as Medicare Shared Savings Plan (MSSP) ACO’s or commercial pay-for-performance contracts.

Administrative and Management Reports

Portal graphics display centralized and physician-level comparative reports to track patterns in utilization and outcomes.

End-User Training

Our ConiferCore® technology training team will enable your users to take full advantage of the system features and capabilities. In-person training, online tutorials, and online training materials help to increase the proficiency of your users.

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