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Conifer Network Development

According to HealthLeaders, 28 percent of healthcare executives cite the need for a network across the care continuum as their biggest obstacle in the transition to value-based reimbursement. (HealthLeaders Population Health Buzz Survey, 2014). Conifer Network Development helps you take this first step to value-based healthcare by helping you define the investment and efforts necessary to build a clinically integrated infrastructure and the necessary capabilities to realize your network goals. We have more than 20 years of experience developing, implementing and operating a range of integrated models, including Physician-Hospital Organizations (PHOs), Independent Practice Associations (IPAs) and other subsidiaries of the health system. We will provide options on different network structures and formats for governance development. Once the governance is in place, we will educate and recruit the needed physicians to the network using the value proposition you have created.

Key Benefits

  • Align providers in a network
  • Take the first step to value-based payments
  • Create governance and establish contractual relationships
  • Align quality-based incentives or payments among providers
  • Implement conditions of participation for your network

Network Formation and Governance Model

Develop a network structure and governance. Assist with creating governance documents, including network bylaws, committee charters and participation agreements, in accordance with network goals. Facilitate committee formation and maintenance.

Value Proposition Development

Understand the concerns of local providers, articulate the goals of the network and educate physician participants on the network’s purpose and benefits.

Quality Metric Selection

Engage physician leadership in selection of quality measures.

Operations Committees

Establish charters and coordinate meetings for implementing contracts, recruitment, workflows and processes.

Quality Incentive Design

Create a quality incentive model that aligns all providers around the shift to value-based payments.

Network Development

Support to assemble the network of providers, including identifying physician champions, creating recruitment strategy, facilitating educational events and recruiting providers to the network. Facilitate signing of participation agreements and tracking network adequacy.

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