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Medical bills are the primary cause of personal bankruptcy in the United States, according to a series of estimates compiled by NerdWallet Health. Conifer Patient Advocacy helps patients find coverage options and other financial assistance to help cover the rising cost of healthcare. Our expertly-trained patient advocates work on-site in your hospital to identify and match eligible patients with federal, state and other third-party coverage, including options under the Affordable Care Act. Our counselors provide professional guidance and advocacy throughout the process, working to make sure your patients feel comfortable and understand coverage benefits and financial obligations. Even after they have gone home, patients can reach our Patient Advocacy Support center to assist in completing enrollments and address additional concerns. In return, you are able to get in front of potential accounts receivable risks while increasing patient satisfaction and being an advocate for your patients.

Key Benefits

  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Successfully match patients with coverage options and community assistance programs
  • Provide on-site screening resources to identify patients eligible for coverage
  • Secure reimbursement for uncompensated care
  • Increase point-of-service payments
  • Reduce bad debt
  • Demonstrate community commitment & benefit through charity care assistance

Eligibility and Enrollment Management

Patient Advocates work on-site at the point of care to identify and match eligible self-pay and underinsured patients with federal, state and other third-party coverage, including options under the Affordable Care Act.

Charity Care Eligibility Management

Manage all aspects of your charity care/financial assistance program. This includes submitting applications, assisting eligible patients through the application process, coordinating online fundraising for uninsured/underinsured patients, and documenting community benefit hours associated with eligibility programs to assist with your annual reporting.

Coordination with other Sources of Charity Care Assistance

Help your charity care-eligible patients identify and apply for federal, state, local and private assistance for housing, food, social services, childcare and unemployment benefits.

Financial Assistance Policy Consultation

Analyze trends, share best practices and make recommendations to improve the effectiveness of your charity care/financial assistance program and help you demonstrate the benefits of your community commitment.

Personalized Payment Consultation

Provide personalized patient consultations to develop payment plans for the patient responsibility portion of both scheduled care and emergency visits, consistent with your commitment to providing emergency screening and care regardless of ability to pay.

Patient Financial Responsibility Program Management

Manage your early-out business, accept payments at point of service and create payment plans for scheduled care and emergency visits.

Patient Advocacy Support Center

Provide your patients access to Conifer Health’s support center to address enrollment issues and denials after they have gone home.

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