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Our focus is to promote and maintain the highest ethical standards for all of Conifer Health’s business practices. In doing so, we reinforce a compliance culture that prioritizes the patient experience.

Trusted Providing our clients with expertise and specialized programs in each phase of the revenue cycle, data privacy, consumer protection and value-based care. Strategic Enhancing our solutions and creating value for our clients with cross-functional governance and third-party oversight. Guiding Supporting our operational teams and team members with programs for prevention, detection and remediation.

“At Conifer, we believe weaving our commitment to compliance into the work we do is fundamental to our role as a trusted business partner to the organizations and people we serve. Conifer team members are guided by principles of integrity and doing the right thing which, in turn, supports the high ethical standards we set for our business practices.”

Rosa Chiacchierarelli
Senior Director, Compliance

“As a trusted business partner to the organizations and people we serve, meeting our ethics and compliance obligations is fundamental. At Conifer, doing the right thing, in the right way is the very fabric of how we do our work.”

Roger Davis
Chief Executive Officer

Compliance at Our Core

Our ethics and compliance program is more than just policies, procedures and training—it’s an integral part of Conifer Health’s performance solutions. Integrity is an intrinsic part of our culture. By embracing healthcare’s dynamic risk and regulatory landscape, we protect our business and the clients we serve—we go beyond many traditional compliance programs that only meet the baseline DOJ and OIG recommendations. It takes the right mix of innovation, discipline and talent to anticipate the next normal.

Program Charter
Code of Conduct
Program Charter
Code of Conduct

We Care About the Work We Do.

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