Financial Risk Management & Health Plan Operations

ConiferCore® Financial Risk Intelligence

Conifer Health’s Financial Risk Intelligence dashboard lets your team evaluate and improve your group’s performance in caring for the populations that you manage. The dashboard consolidates key performance indicators that guide decision-making around network optimization, contract and incentive design, and utilization management. Dashboards display key performance indicators and trends that Conifer Health has used for over 20 years to assist clients in navigating the business side of healthcare. The dashboards also have drill down and filtering functionality to allow the user to understand the drivers of cost in real-time. This capability will save hours of time in waiting for analysts to run and interpret reports, as the Conifer Health Financial Risk Dashboard will display the results on demand.

ConiferCore® Financial Risk Intelligence includes:

  • Web-based dashboard with the following views – financial performance, category of care, and network performance
  • Filtering capability to see a holistic view of all contracts, line of business or a single contract. Additional filters include period of time and division or sub-market

Key Benefits

  • Reduce the cost of care by identifying areas of opportunity in your population’s resource and network utilization
  • Optimize the performance of risk-based contracts by looking at both revenue and cost opportunities
  • Benchmark performance compared to peer organizations

Easy-to-Understand Dashboard

Visualize the performance of your risk-based contracts by focusing on current financial performance, the categories of care utilized, and network spend.

Performance Benchmarks

Benchmark key measures to determine areas of over- and under-utilization.

View Contracts Simultaneously or Separate

Filters allow multiple views, including line of business, plan, or contract. Further drill down allows you to filter on divisions or sub-markets in your network. View can also be changed to display a specific time frame to monitor performance month-to-month, or year-to-year.

Healthcare Utilization Dashboard

Enables you to manage your network structure based on the care needed by the population, management of out-of-network cost and how your spend compares to benchmarks in similar plans or markets.

End-User Training

Our ConiferCore® technology training team will enable your users to take full advantage of the system features and capabilities. In-person training, online tutorials, and online training materials help to increase the proficiency of your users.

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