Consumer Outreach and Engagement

Our customized consumer outreach and engagement solutions will allow your organization to initiate awareness and education with your community, those who are seeking additional assistance through their healthcare journey and with targeted patients. Conifer can help re-engage patients in their healthcare journey or continue the conversation with your patients who have recently received care. These outreach solutions will help extend the patient experience, support other program resources, and improve outcomes. Conifer’s outbound services will help acquire and re-engage your patients and consumers and enhance overall satisfaction.

Key Benefits

  • Empowering patients to take charge of their own care
  • Enhancing care related communications between you and your patients
  • Providing customized pre and post-visit calls to engage patients

Care Coordination

Our highly trained professional advisors locate and coordinate care with your providers, and provide assistance and support by re-engaging patients or providing information about your care resources, support groups, and wellness education —all with a compassionate approach that will build confidence in the quality of care provided at your facilities.

Patient Experience

We will enhance the patient experience by addressing any post-visit questions or concerns patients may have regarding their recent visits. We will also confirm your patients are doing well, understand and are following their aftercare instructions, and are appropriately scheduling follow-up appointments.

Patient Follow Up

We will provide patients with screening results and information about recommended follow up based on your health system’s protocols, including scheduling additional appointments as desired by the patient. This will help your at-risk patients receive the appropriate assistance and guidance to re-engage in their care.

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