ConiferCore® Participant Portal

ConiferCore® Participant Portal provides the information that consumers, patients, and members need to manage their health and wellness in one secure location. This interactive, customizable patient portal is designed to provide information and tools for individuals to understand and manage their health conditions, as well as work toward wellness plan incentives. It’s also a secure way for the care team to provide information and encouragement through direct messages to the participant. ConiferCore® Participant Portal is used by hospitals and health systems, health plans and employers to engage members in their health.

ConiferCore® Participant Portal includes:

  • Personal Health History – detailed participant medical history for use during physician appointments
  • Healthy Living Questionnaire – interactive and comprehensive health risk assessment that produces visual results and
  • links to health and wellness content
  • Patient Synopsis Report – provider-friendly, two-year medical summary that can be used when consulting with healthcare providers
  • Health information and articles
  • Links to thousands of health articles
  • Interactive tools
  • Health decision points
  • Symptom checker
  • Surveys – customizable participant questionnaires
  • Device Dashboard Component View
  • Visual display of status
  • Graphing progress and historical values
  • Interactive timeline tool

Key Benefits

  • Encourage participants to improve their health and wellness by delivering information about their care through a secure patient portal
  • Track goals set by the patient’s care team or through benefit design
  • Communicate with all members of the patient’s care team through compliant messaging for a coordinated level of care
  • Provide a holistic view of an individual’s medical history through a personal health record

Comprehensive Health Information

Provides a wealth of information, including paid and pending claims, health articles and a personal health record where individuals can input health information via the patient portal.

Health Risk Assessment

Engage individuals to help them better understand their health risk level, and in turn, enhance the quality of data analytics employed in ConiferCore® Population Health Intelligence.

Educational Materials

Deliver educational materials tailored to the individual’s conditions and health needs. A care team member using ConiferCore® Outcomes Optimization can communicate with the participant and assign specific educational materials accessed through our secure, web-based patient portal.

Goals Tracking

Encourage participants to stick with health goals by tracking goals defined individually by the patient’s care team or through benefits design.

Provider Locator

Enable a simple search by specialty, gender, location, and language-with immediate office map and directions.

Message Center

Communicate messages directly to plan participants and provide direct messaging to the patient’s care team through a secure, web-based patient portal.

Customizable Patient Portal

Allows you to customize the home page to display relevant messages and other points of interest.

Device Integration

Aggregates and displays data for 150-plus medical and fitness devices which can be incorporated into an individual’s health and wellness goals.

End-User Training

Our ConiferCore® technology training team will enable your users to take full advantage of the system features and capabilities. In-person training, online tutorials, and online training materials help to increase the proficiency of your users.

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