Conifer Population Health Management for Providers

Patient-centered, accountable care and value-based reimbursements are converging under the banner of population health management. Conifer Population Health Management for Providers is an integrated offering that combines services powered by the ConiferCore® Population Health Intelligence platform to provide a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of your populations. We can help identify at-risk individuals; use personal health nurses to holistically manage acute and chronic care needs; support lifestyle wellness initiatives; and enable coordination among doctors, health systems, patients and ancillary services, all while delivering health management that is high quality, cost effective, and focused on keeping your population healthy. Personal health nurses focus on individuals where engagement can drive improved outcomes including reducing readmissions, preventing unnecessary emergency room admissions, eliminating duplicate services, and coordinating fragmented care.

Key Benefits

  • Create effective collaboration across all care settings and the patient’s care team
  • Reduce hospital admissions, emergency room visits, and length of stay
  • Helps prevent hospital re-admissions
  • Identify care opportunities to improve the overall health of the population
  • Helps meet national quality guidelines
  • Encourage patients to implement positive lifestyle behaviors
  • Positively impact health and related costs

We have URAC accreditation for health utilization management, case management, and transitions of care services.*

URAC Accredited Case Management Expires 10/01/2022
URAC Accredited Transitions of Care Expires 10/01/2022
URAC Accredited Health Utilization Management Expires 10/01/2022

*URAC accreditation through Conifer Care Continuum Solutions, a Conifer Health Solutions, LLC.

Holistic Care Management with Personal Health Nurses

Deliver accredited utilization and case management services, as well as disease and wellness management.

Strategic Approaches Related to Risk

An analysis-driven approach helps better utilize nursing resources for all risk levels across the population so strategies on the types of outreach and interventions can be addressed to best mitigate that risk and prevent more serious care episodes.


Provides an outcome-focused feedback loop to ensure protocols with impact are adopted and those without impact are modified.

Population Engagement and Outreach

Supports lifestyle wellness initiatives and engagement via the ConiferCore® Participant Portal.

Actionable Population Health Analytics, Medical Management Workflow and Engagement Technologies

Powered by the suite of ConiferCore® platforms including Population Health Intelligence, Outcomes Optimization, and Population Engagement.

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