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At Conifer Health Solutions, our committment to your career begins before you even apply for a position. That’s why, from the application process to interviewing and everything in-between, we provide you with all of the information you need to find the career path that is perfect for you.

1. Application

Applications should be submitted on-line using our Web site – this usually takes 15-20 minutes. You will need to gather relevant information before beginning your application process. This may include: resume, cover letter, educational information, previous experience details, references, contacts, etc. You will have the opportunity to attach your resume as an MS Word or PDF document. If you need more time, you will be able to save a draft and later return to your application with a personal password. You will be able to save your profile and use it every time you want to submit a new application. If you are interested in more than one job opening, you will need to select and apply to each one separately. New openings are advertised on the site as soon as they come up. It is worth visiting our Web site frequently to make sure you don’t miss out on any new opportunities that could fit your profile.

2. Screening

Once you have submitted your completed application, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. If you have sent your application for an open position, your resume will be reviewed by one of our recruiters, usually within one week.

3. Phone Interview

If, once we have processed your resume, we think that you could fit the position, a recruiter will contact you to discuss it in detail and explore your expectations. This discussion may result in scheduling a first interview at one of our offices.

4. First Interview

The first interview is always with one of our recruiters. You will discuss your experiences and background in detail and will probably be asked some questions that focus on your approach to various situations to help us understand who you are and who you want to be. You will also have the opportunity to get more information about our company and the position.

5. Second Interview

If you are selected to participate in the next stage of the process, you will be called to schedule a second interview with the hiring manager/supervisor in the following week. If you are not selected for the second interview, your recruiter will follow up with you to let you know our decision. The second interview will be focused on the job’s technical skills/requirements and how you would fit the position and within the team. During this interview, you will receive more details about the day-to-day aspects of the job. Depending on the position, you might be also asked to participate in a peer interview.

6. Offer Letter

Following your interviews, we will then discuss your application. It can take up to a week to reach a definitive decision. Your recruiter will let you know as soon as decisions are made. Feel free to get in touch with your recruiter if you have any questions during the process. If the process ends successfully, you will receive an offer of employment and will be given a password for the log-in/new hire area of our career Web site so you can start the necessary paperwork. Your start date will be decided according to the role’s needs and your availability.