Transforming the Healthcare Consumer Experience

Consumer experience is a top priority for health system executives. A great experience can improve loyalty and strengthen a health system’s brand, supporting patient retention and Medicare bonus payments from positive HCAHPS scores. Read how leaders from Mayo Clinic, Mount Sinai Health System, ProMedica Health System and Woman's Hospital are dealing with healthcare consumerism.

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Fueling Future Growth With Attributed Patient Populations | White Paper

Traditional provider revenue streams remain compressed due to an unhealthy mixture of declining reimbursements and rising expenses. As a result, many hospitals and health systems are looking at new strategies, including assuming risk through attributed patient populations, to fuel growth. Is your organization ready to manage this new revenue stream?

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Driving Quality & Accurate Reimbursement Through a Best-Practice CDI Program

Without a well-established clinical documentation improvement program in place, healthcare organizations' risk rankings falling short of achieving clinical documentation integrity which underscores how critical accurately delivered and documented care reflects the well-being of individual patients and an organization's financial health. Three reasons why implementing a CDI program can help you.

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6 Steps to a Better Patient Experience

Timing is key when it comes to a positive patient experience - meaning, patients don't want to be hung up at registration. But providers need data from their patients, and that can take time. Your patient access team shouldn't have to sacrifice speed for accuracy, let us help with these actionable insights.

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Better Manage the Health Plan Generation Gap

New research indicates that generational groups have widely varying preferences when it comes to utilizing aspects of their health plans. The differences among Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers when accessing benefit features argue the point that a one-size fits-all approach to employee engagement may miss opportunities to achieve savings in healthcare spend.

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Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health Realizes 12.6% Increase in Cash

To achieve the Triple Aim of healthier populations, improved patient experience and lower costs of care, AHC sought an innovative approach to population health management through a partnership with Conifer Health. AHC also wanted to create and continuously develop an overall culture of well-being and good health that started with health plan members and their families.

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