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Conifer Health has been providing managed services to health systems, their health plans and managed populations for more than 30 years. Our value-based solutions enhance consumer engagement, drive clinical alignment, manage risk, and improve financial performance.

Our purpose of providing the foundation for better health fuels our clients to meet the unique needs of the communities they serve.

Better Health means Better Business

Conifer Health helps you manage your overall financial performance in all payment models, including both fee-for-service and fee-for-value. Today, some health systems may receive less than 10% of their revenue from value-based reimbursement, while others may receive more than 40%. In either case, health systems will need to secure full and appropriate reimbursement for care provided to each patient or member to maintain financial health. Our proven processes, workflow, and analytics improve efficiency and effectiveness, impacting your overall margins.

Developing a low-cost, high performing network is essential to maintaining relevance among payers. We help you establish the quality metrics needed to drive the clinical performance to produce better outcomes.

Better Health means Better Partnerships

Building the necessary partnerships within and across your geographic market is essential to serve the needs of your community. Conifer Health helps health systems establish the appropriate governance structure to connect the providers across the care continuum. This leads to increased access to care for patients and consumers.

Better Health means Better Coordination

We help the consumer navigate the healthcare system to drive better outcomes and higher patient engagement. We help provide peace of mind by coordinating all aspects of care and matching resources for the level of care the patient needs, in the appropriate setting. We help secure appropriate funding to ease the financial burden for the consumer and the provider.

Conifer Health helps you manage the health of your populations, including disease management, care management and wellness. Our holistic approach drives increased member engagement, reduced health care costs and improved quality of care.

Better Health begins with Conifer

Achieving market leadership requires exceling at existing competencies and new risk-based skills. Consumers are demanding greater transparency on cost and quality, and healthcare organizations are focusing more on wellness and prevention. Aligning with a proven partner with deep expertise in health system reimbursement and risk-based administration can accelerate your transformational effectiveness.

Health care organizations have numerous choices when it comes to choosing a partner to help improve cost, quality and access to care. Conifer Health capabilities are unmatched in the market, with three primary differentiators:

Deep Expertise

Conifer Health has more than 30 years of healthcare operations management experience, deeply rooted hospital and physician knowledge, and industry-leading investments in innovation that help build lasting relationships between hospitals, physicians, employers and consumers.

Market Insights

We know healthcare is local; market dynamics are different depending on the unique roles of the healthcare stakeholders. Our people have walked in your shoes, and are leveraging our expertise across 135 metropolitan areas throughout the US. We have seen what works and what has failed, and can guide you to the best choices that will meet the unique needs of your community. Our clients include national, regional and local health systems, physician groups, provider-sponsored health plans, employers and bargaining groups.

Scale and Innovation

Our breadth of scale gives us a great ability to innovate. This helps our clients radically transform their market performance. Our proprietary ConiferCore® technology enables us to constantly refine and improve our solutions using our proven repeatable and streamlined processes, best practice adoption, and integration of best-in-class solutions. These underlying systems, workflows, and analytics drive improved efficiency and guide care and reimbursement decisions to achieve optimal performance.

There’s no Better Time to focus on Better Health

Better health starts with empowered and connected communities. As healthcare advances to a value-based model, you need a partner that can deliver better outcomes at a lower cost, while improving overall access to care. Conifer Health Solutions is your partner to help solve today’s challenges and succeed in the evolving healthcare market.


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