An Enhanced Patient Experience Requires Technology With a Personal Touch

Most healthcare executives see the growing shift to consumerism and recognize that their organizations – and the industry as a whole – are continuously challenged to meet rising patient expectations around service and access.

According to 2021 Healthcare CEO Future Pulse from KPMG Global, 67% of surveyed executives believed the healthcare industry must prepare for the same elevated levels of service, quality and accessibility consumers expect in other areas of their day-to-day interactions. In addition, 61% of executives felt that healthcare lagged behind other consumer-oriented industries.

The vast majority, 79%, felt their organization’s patient experience “needed improvement,” and some are beginning to make progress. While only 29 percent indicated that a patient-centric concept is “on the agenda,” 44% have included the topic in their strategic plans.

A positive patient experience begins before the patient steps foot in a facility, followed by an efficient and accurate process every step of the way.  Errors on the front end cause unnecessary back-end work, leading to revenue shortfalls, increased costs and frustrated patients.

Six steps can help providers make significant headway by blending technology-enabled solutions with personal service to enhance the patient experience and avoid downstream revenue cycle issues.

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