Rethinking Registration


Rethinking Registration

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80% of providers surveyed say their patients prefer online registration.1

For many organizations, capturing patient demographic and insurance information for registration purposes is still a highly manual, paper-based process. It is also time-consuming, inefficient, and highly prone to errors that can lead to billing issues, denied claims, and delayed reimbursement. Organizations can also cause surprise patient bills and a poor patient experience.

Impact of Manual Patient Registration

Long patient wait times

Paper-based processes and time-consuming data entry

Missing or inaccurate patient information

Denied claims

Surprise patient bills

Poor patient experience

Embracing a Digital Registration Process

Most consumers have come to expect digital options in many areas of their lives and they’re demanding the same options for their healthcare. Providing them with the option of registering online gives them more control. They’ll have the time to find the information they need and the flexibility to register when it’s most convenient for them.

The Benefits of Digital Registration

  • Customized communication based on patient preferences (text, email, portal)
  • Registration links go to a mobile registration app or online registration portal
  • Makes it easier to automate appointment reminders
  • More seamless integration with the electronic health record
  • Improves patient privacy and security
  • Reduces manual data entry and errors
  • Frees up staff for more patient-facing tasks

Registration is the first patient encounter where efficiency, accuracy, and digital options have the potential to directly impact revenue and patient satisfaction.

In wrapping up the chapter, it’s evident that the adoption of digital registration processes is not just a convenience but a necessity for modern healthcare organizations. By transitioning from outdated, manual entry systems to dynamic, digital platforms, healthcare providers can offer patients the streamlined, secure, and satisfying experience they expect. Digital registration systems can reduce wait times, increase accuracy, and enhance overall patient satisfaction. The move towards digital solutions in patient registration marks a significant step towards a more efficient healthcare system where the first encounter sets a positive tone for the entire patient journey.

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